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Posted by ANGELA on January 20, 2021

Love is in the air and with that comes Valentine’s Day!

Unlike Christmas or Halloween, Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday many people spend weeks leading up to with shopping and decorations. It’s a short lived holiday. Some people may not want to spend money on decor that they’ll keep up for one or two weeks in February.

Although Valentine’s Day may not be the biggest holiday on the calendar, that doesn’t mean it’s a holiday you can’t decorate for at all. There are plenty of Valentine’s Day decor items that can be kept up well into the spring, especially if you choose your decor items wisely.

Wreaths and Door Decorations

It’s not uncommon for people to keep wreaths or another type of decoration on their door up year round. There are wreaths and other door decorations for every occasion and season – Christmas, winter, spring, Easter, summer and more. This includes Valentine’s Day.

When a person thinks of a Valentine’s Day wreath or door sign, it’s likely they envision something full of hearts, but that’s not always the case. There are plenty of different options that don’t include hearts or something specific to love day. A great option is to decorate your door with a wreath that has a combination of any of the three colors: pink, white or red.

Pink, or pink and white together, will not only be a great Valentine’s Day decor item, but is great to keep up into the spring, because they are both spring colors as well.

Flower Arrangements 

While real flowers won’t live long enough to stay up throughout the spring, fake flower arrangements make great decor.

Craft stores offer a wide variety of flowers and you can easily make your own Valentine’s Day arrangement or buy pre-arranged ones. Again, any pink, white or red arrangements are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

The great thing about flower arrangements is that they can be easily altered. Maybe you have a pink and white flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day.- simply add some yellow (or any other spring color) flowers and the arrangement is now fit to stay up through the season.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are another great item to use as Valentine’s Day decor.

Many Valentine’s Day pillows will have words on them such as, “love,” “kisses,” or “hugs,” all of which don’t necessarily have to do with Valentine’s Day. Pillows like these that have a subtle hint to Valentine’s Day are excellent to keep up through spring, or even year round.

Other throw pillows might have pink hearts on them but have no words on them, which can also be kept up in the spring. Pillows like these are especially excellent if they match your room’s theme or color scheme.

Wall Art 

Lastly, there are plenty of different Valentine’s Day wall art that can be kept up after the holiday to give your home a touch of love.

Much like throw pillows, simple paintings or signs that have one word on them or maybe a short phrase make great decorations. The wall art might have a solid or patterned background and say things like “love,” “love birds” or “hugs and kisses,” all which make an excellent accent piece for your walls. The wall art could also be a painting of hearts or a heart, a collage or something else that doesn’t specify that it’s for Valentine’s Day.

No matter what you decide on, most Valentine’s Day items will make great decor well into the springtime and give your home just the right amount of love.

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